Monday, December 5, 2011

A Life Coach

How does a Life Coach work?

A Life Coach is neither a therapist nor a psychologist. A personal coach works more as a consultant, guiding you to a more successful way of approaching life. A Life Coach can work with you on private sessions, over the phone, or over the internet. The sessions are often weekly.

Your personal coach will first help you identify your goals and values. It’s important that your goals and values are in harmony if you want to live a life with your most authentic self and with integrity.

After identifying your goals and values together during coaching sessions, you will have a clear direction on where you want to go in life. From here on, your Life Coach will focus on working on your self improvement so you can become your very best. You will learn new effective ways of doing things and dealing with things in the future. You will be encouraged to take action and achieve success. Your personal coach will help you to achieve your goals in harmony with your most authentic self and with integrity.

The coach’s responsibility is to connect clients with their desires, dreams and encourage them to maintain an optimistic attitude about their life journey. The client decides what they want out of each session, while the coach assesses these goals and helps to structure them to improve the client’s whole self. The coach’s desired outcome, then, is to empower their clients to choose — or avoid —particular courses of action. Coaching enables the client to transform their passions and dreams into tangible realities in everyday life.

Coaching is not “remedial”; it is not “treatment.” Coaches work with healthy people who want to improve their lives, even when specific outcomes may not always be clearly defined by the client. We accomplish this through asking questions and challenging the client to draw from their own recessed resources. In short, a good coach gives you back the power to control your life journey.